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Types Of Unnatural Links And Link Building Strategies

Types of Unnatural Links and Link Building Strategies

The sophistication of Google analysis has induced multiple threads of complexities. Every website is on a marathon of ranking highest. The SEO factors are fulfilled to the fullest, and every day, a new algorithm is embraced to simplify the techniques of link building and ranking. Not every link is good and genuine. There is a multitude of unnatural links and strategies involved during the generation of a winning website.

Here is a quick list of unnatural links and link building strategies that helps you nail an incredible site, wining the highest rank in the Google search algorithm.

1.     Link for link

Google is stringent when it comes to the links and backlinks. Imagine you are a health care service provider and has links from many hospitals and medical shops in and around your city. The game is simple if you link them on your site and they link you back. But the complexity induces when they have thousands of links on their website with enormous other clients similar to you. This might give Google a chance to flag you with penalties. This method is not much favourable in the Google platform.

2.    Money for Links

It is one of the prevalent and convenient methods of incorporating unnatural links. It involves acquiring the links to your site after embracing a certain amount of donation. Google does not entertain this method. This practice was prevalent during the mid of the 2000s. Paid links are easily found and impose significant threats by Google.

3.    Goods and services for links

Do you know that the barter system of link trade is very popular in the industry? When people began to exchange the good and services for links, the spotlight of link business became very visible. If you accept a product or a service from any company, and in turn, you offer them an article with a link favouring them, it is called as link buying. If the company provides you with a good or service and in return, you offer them a favour article pointing a link to their business, and then it is a link given. This giving and taking of links is considered as the goods and services links.

4.    Guest Posting

It is one of the unique methods of generating backlinks along with elevated traffic. It is usually done by the site or blog owners. They develop content or articles and include the links pointing their site or business. It is the best form of unnatural links. The guest posts include particular keywords rich in anchor texts. A guest post needs to be polished, and the quality needs to be in the peak.

5.    Automatically generated links

It is one of the hazardous ways of creating relationships. It is considered as the internet polluter since it induces numerous artificial links. In this case, the links are generated in bulk and are used in multiple forms.

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