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Negative SEO and Reputation Management Services

In 2007 Google’s Matt Cutts said that negative SEO was possible though difficult. Following the recent introduction of various link penalties that are now a part of the Google indexing algorithms, it means that negative SEO is on the rise. Competitors can bring down websites by developing bad links to a website and employing some other black hat and negative SEO techniques. Whether the practice will prove successful does depend on a number of factors; not least the actual quality of your site and how much trust it has.

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Negative SEO

SEO is the act of optimizing your website so that it appears higher in the search rankings. Negative SEO is, as you might expect, the polar opposite of this. The “optimization” of a website so that it appears lower down the rankings. Of course, forcing one website to appear further down the rankings means that other websites will rise and this is why negative SEO is seen as a viable model by the more unscrupulous webmasters, link builders, and marketers.
Unnatural Link Building

The problem is that Google penalizes links that look unnatural and they aren’t going to be able to discern who has actually developed that link. The most common way of creating unnatural links, currently, is through sponsored blog listings.

Google penalized its own Chrome download page because a company they used posted a do follow link within a sponsored post. If they’re willing to penalize their own pages then you can bet that they will also penalize other websites that appear to have used the same black hat techniques.

Black Hat SEO and Negative SEO

Some website owners and marketers are willing to use any means at their disposal in order to reach pure because being at the top of the rankings means greater traffic levels which, in turn, means more sales and greater profits. If black hat marketers see negative SEO as being a viable option, or something that is easier to achieve that positive SEO on their own sites then the chances are very good that they will use those techniques.
the top of the search engine rankings. This is
Poor Quality Links

Fortunately, the picture isn’t as clear-cut as it sounds. We, and other digital marketing agencies preach authority to customers and anybody that will listen. Those sites that have established a good degree of authority with the likes of Google will not prove easy to topple even using negative SEO techniques. If a website has hundreds or thousands of high-quality links and a few poor quality or sponsored links suddenly appear then their authority is likely to more than cancel out the penalties associated with paid dofollow links. Problems will occur for those sites that have little authority and few existing links but the likelihood is that competitors won’t pay much attention to these sites anyway.

Unethical SEO?


Stick to positive SEO for the pages on your domain, create high-quality links, and develop authority for your brand. In the end, not only will this help to improve your search rankings but it will make it considerably more difficult for the unethical linkers out there to bring your site down using negative SEO techniques.

Can Negative SEO Be Done On Any Site?


Simple answer – No. We could not knock Amazon, Wikipedia, Google or any other established “brand” out of the SERP’s.

Is Negative SEO Legal?


Yes – We are not criminals!! We are Internet marketers!! We build backlinks to the websites of your rivals.

We do not hack websites, instigate DDOS attacks or use any other illegal technique to get your competition deindexed or penalised. If these are the services you are looking for, please leave the site now.

The internet’s infrastructure is based on the fact that pages link to each other. Link Building is a natural thing. How could that be made illegal?

Is Negative SEO Ethical?


Only you can answer that question – Some people on this planet are more ethical than others. Choosing to contact us is your decision

How Do You Do Negative SEO?


We use link building techniques – that is all. The sort of links and strategies we use is proprietary information.
Do you know the secret ingredients of Coca Cola? Thought not.

How long does Negative SEO take?


Wow – Hard question – Negative SEO can take between 2 weeks and 12 months dependent on the sites we are trying to harm.

We will provide you with rough time scales when we quote for the work but as with all SEO projects, nothing is guaranteed.

Will Our Competitors Know It Was Us?


No. Never. What we discuss and work on is between you and us, our company and yours. It is nobody else’s business.

The fact that links are publicly viewable is a factor you must consider. If you have very few competitors, common sense may point towards your company.

Where Are You Based?


We are based everywhere – USA, UK, India, Indonesia. We are a collective of link builders working together across countries and timezones to deliver your projects 24/7.

How Do We Get Our Negative SEO Projects Started?

Please use the contact form above and we will be in touch.